Our Adventures on Rottnest Island

September 2015– I was totally new to Australia. Strange people, different weather, different landscape and different lifestyle, a completely new country for me! Arriving in australia and slowly making my way to settle down in Perth was so exiting! I slowly made my way through the daily routine in my new host family as an au pair and got used to all that new stuff. But after a few weeks of course you start noticing that you miss a few things while working with the kids all day. They are lovely, I don’t want to deny that! But what is life without good friends to share your new experiences and explored places with? So I slowly started the first try to search for new friends on line. But where in the world wide web can you find real people to share half of your new conquered life with? I wasn’t really successful the first couple of weeks… But then my host mum asked me if I wouldn’t like to get to know new people (Of course I wanted to!) and she had a great advise, which might be to easy to get that in mind? I’m not sure about that, but I finally found the magic website I could get to know new people: Facebook! I adventurously made my first friend on Facebook in a group called “Au Pair World Perth & Western Australia”! We met the first time and realised instantly that we get along really well, so we finally started making plans for our first adventure. Of course, Carmen (one of my lovely girlfriends from there on:) ) was totally new to Australia as well, so we followed the advise my host parents gave us.


27.09.2015– What was the first Trip without a brand new tent for the real wildlife experience in Australia? So before we went to Rottnest we bought a new tent (what about a sleeping bag and a mat to sleep with/ on? Well, lucky that my host parents are passionate campers..) to make our way to the first camping trip. We finally started our first adventure in Australia by taking the ferry to Rottnest Island with our hands full of luggage.

Two days full of new experiences and adventures could start!

-Facts we got to know (and maybe crushed into them?) on our first day-

  • Lots of Quokkas (cute little kangaroos living everywhere on the island):

As this is one of the first things you will see on the island you will absolutely love those little animals! They are not very shy (Might be because they are always hungry) and they’re hopping around everywhere you let your eyes wander. We saw lots of little puppies when we were there in September and one is even more adorable than another! Just don’t let them steal your breakki in the morning and shut your tent really good if you don’t want to have a cuddly visitor for the night!

  • beautiful lakes and other little things to explore on the inner part of the island

On our first day on Rottnest we accidentally got to see the inner part of the island. We just wanted to go for a walk for about half an hour after we arrived on the island and built up our tent- That half an hour walk turned into a 3 hour walk through the inner part of the island. I don’t know how that happened, but we took a footpath which we thought would go back to the place we came from (I know – really clever). However-As we walked and walked and walked we noticed that we wouldn’t go back by following just one footpath, so we decided to walk for a bit longer to explore the island a little bit. We started going deeper into the bushland-Carmen in her thongs and me in my quite short shorts-to get our first impression of the island. We saw lots of Quokkas, wonderful pink lakes and got more and more towards the middle of the island. After we wandered for a little bit we got lost because we didn’t take care of what way we took to get back. After some time trying to find the right way we decided to take a break on top of a hill on a bench, what was really comfy after our little walk on that conditions-we also didn’t take lots of water(it was gone after the first half an hour). While we were relaxing on our wonderful bench we realised how beautiful the overview on the island with it’s lots of wonderful little places was! Lots of little lakes, bushland(might be more a place germans call bushland already), different types of birds and all those little noisy creatures in the bush you could just hear when you passed the bush. When we made our way back and finally found a real road again we met one of the volunteers who are working on the island. You can do lots of free guided tours on the island which is amazing by the way! So we asked the nice men if he could explain the way back to the camping spot and he was quite chatty so we were talking quite a lot. He also told us things we better didn’t want to know-”cute” little snakes if you go into that bush on the left hand and bigger snakes if you go into the bush on the right hand: “But where you better not go with the clothes you’re wearing(I remind you: thongs and shorts), because some snakes could kill you with their toxic. A see, there is one of those little ones!”. Lucky that he didn’t see where we came from before we finally arrived on that wonderful normal road-directly from the little snakes home. I don’t want to deny that I was very happy about that little adventure-even if I would have been really happy about long pants and closed shoes after the conversation with that friendly volunteer!

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