Rottnest Island Day 2

28.09.2015-After we had our first real adventure at day one of our Rottnest Island-Trip, we started making our plans for the 2nd and unfortunately last day on Rottnest and of course there are a lot of things to do on the island! Snorkelling, swimming, wandering, cycling, etc. We finally decided to hire a bike for a tour around the island to explore all the beautiful bays around the island. What we saw was just breathtaking!

Beautiful clear cyan water

The water around the island is just stunning. Everybody who loves swimming, diving, snorkelling, etc. will love the white beaches around the island and I can just recommend a bike-tour at one of your days on Rottnest! While we were relaxing in the sun, putting our feet in the pleasant cold water little creatures were watching us from their secret homes under a rock, behind a bush or at the water till they noticed that we’ve seen them as well.

Stunning sunsets

Sitting at the light house at the beach with a glass of winecould be really romantic! The colours are wonderful and the beach with the lighthouse makes it even better! You should definitely go and watch a sunset on Rottnest Island!

After we had 2 amazing days on Rottnest the Ferry took us back to Fremantle where we got back home by the train.

I can definitely recommend a trip to Rottnest Island if you are staying in Perth or Fremantle or even if you’re just travelling to different places in Western Australia. It seems like you are at a totally different place, but the island is not that far as it seems when you’re there. So go for it, book the ferry, grab your camping equipment to start your journey to the beautiful western australian island!

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