Farm Adventures in Bridgetown

16.04.2016 – It was a nice day in Perth and I was so ready to see something else than Perth. So fully packed with a huge backpack, my guitar and another bag I started my way to the Perth Train Station where my journey began – the 10 Minute way to the Train Stn felt like a 4 hour hike by the way! (Never fill your Backpack with as much stuff as you can but just with the stuff you really need!!)

I didn’t know what the people on the farm would be like, what I would have to do there and if I would like it, it was so exciting! When I arrived in Bridgetown, which is about a 3 hour drive down south from Perth, I first got to know Carolien – an amazing person, how it would turn out in the next 10 days. Carolien stayed on the Farm before and was a really good helper from Holland, very easy going and good fun! So – Carolien picked me up from the Busport in Bridgetown to take me to the farm. When I finally saw the farm I was so impressed! What a big property it was! Carolien took me up to the house on the Hill where the family I would stay with lives. I got in and my first impression was not what I expected. A young woman in a pretty new house welcomed me- her name is Kristy. We didn’t talk a lot in the first couple of minutes but she seemed to be a really lovely person. After lunch they took me straight down to the farm so that I could help with the Afternoon-Jobs. I was so excited about what to do and see next, so we went down to another house where we entered a small garden because she told me we had to feed some other animals here and I would get to do it this time. First I didn’t see any animals but then we went around the corner to a little shed in the garden and what I saw was so adorable! A cute little calf laying in the shed, waiting for the bottle of milk I had in my hands. It welcomed me with a big kiss and I started feeding it. So my first task was a great experience and the next days I learned a lot. Everyday started with getting the cows on a smaller paddock to milk them. They have 4 cows and they are all really cute (as long as you’re not getting to close, because it could happen that you get a head-bump by Mad Maddy)! As I’m absolutely in love with horses the next task of the day was to get the horses in to get them ready for the Trail rides. Getting the horses in was a really exciting part of the day for the guests as well as for me. We jumped on the back of a Ute and off we went to the place the horses stayed to round them up and get them off that place to a smaller paddock where we would get them ready for the rides. I led at least one trail ride a day, which was absolutely fantastic as long as I found the way back from the forest to the farm! My sense of direction is the same like the sense of direction of a potato so it was always a new adventure to go on a trail ride with the guests, but at least I always found a way back! 🙂

And if you’ve kept your eyes peeled you would see lots of little dwarfs hidden in the forest! (that’s how a normal trail ride turns into a mystical adventure!)


After the Ride it was time for all the other animals on the farm. They have so many different cute animals! They have water-buffalos, Goats, 2 Pigs (Well, one of them just disappeared mystical a day before I left and lots of pork appeared the day after-I did not like them anyway, but more about that later), Alpacas, Emus, Turkeys, Chicken, Rabbits and Guinea pigs. Our tasks were to feed them and to put the Turkeys back into the cages. That was usually all pretty easy. But one Day somebody let the chicken out of their cage so that they were all wandering around on the farm. Some of them on top of the cages, some of them on the Rooftop of another house. And how could it be different some in the Pigs place. We saw them and slowly made our way to the pigs place to open the gate, get in there to get the Chicken out. My only thought was:”pleeeease stay away from me piggy.”. That might be really funny now, but you must understand the Pigs were huge and they didn’t look really friendly. So we got in and started trying to get the chicken out and when the creepiest thing ever happened. The Pigs started chasing us. They must have been in a really good mood. So we started running as fast as we can, back to the gate and as it must have been happening: We fell over. We got up really fast, ran back to the gate to get out of the Pigs place. We couldn’t stop laughing after we went back out, but in that moment it was really, really scary! So I definitely did not get friends with the pigs, but the rest of the animals were great! Not only the animals on that farm were great, but also the family I stayed with. Kristy and I got to talk and laugh a lot during my 10 days there and she’s got a lovely family I really fell in love with! We had lunch and dinner together every day and I won’t forget our talent show we had one night and my wonderful piano lessons with Kristys little girl, she is very talented!

After 10 days I had to leave the farm and I was really sad about that. It was a wonderful adventure out of Perth and the definitely haven’t seen me for the last time!
If you love animals and nature you should definitely go out there to find your very own adventure!

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  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up. “He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who takes away from it respect.” by Cicero.

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