The old Power Station – a ghost town in the middle of South Fremantle

October 2015 – after Carmen and I had mastered our first adventure on Rottnest Island we were ready to explore more of Western Australia. After a long time of searching we saw that there was another City  south of Perth we’ve never been to. It’s called Fremantle and is known for their Art culture-the perfect target for me! But how boring would it be just to explore the town centre of the City like everybody else does? So Carmen had the Idea to find out more about a Lost Place- an old Power Station in South Fremantle. The way to the Power Station was a disaster already. We arrived at the Train Station in Fremantle, but the next Question was how to get to South Fremantle and where was the Power Station? We finally found it after we went on a bus trip and a walk which felt like it would never end, but hey-every step makes you fitter. The Power Station just looked like a big old property surrounded by huge fences with no entry. We started walking around it, trying to find a whole in the fence and no, we didn’t feel like doing something thats illegal at all!! That was definitely not how we imagined our visit there, but hey it was at least another adventure we could tell our friends and family afterwords. When we finally found a hole in the fence and got in I was actually pretty impressed. It looked like the building could fall apart every second and the walls were totally covered in graffiti. It was amazing and the little adventure before was definitely worth it. The power station looks like another world when you get inside. I just loved it. This place looks so beautiful, even if it is really old and pretty damaged-Starting from the light which shines through the broken windows, the huge beams and walls covered in graffiti to the 2nd level of the building.

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