Black Diamond Lake, WA

It was a sunny weekend in Perth and the girls were ready for a little adventure. All five of us have never been anywhere together before like that because, as some of you may know, it is freaking hard to get everyone together at the same time! So after deciding on a date (we waited for the day to come for a bit more than a month, so not longat all.) we were finally ready to go! We packed our tent, enough food to feed a whole army and off we went to our chosen destiny down south in Western Australia! Next stop → Potters Gorge Caravan Park
The camp ground we went to is awesome! Potters Gorge Caravan Park is near Collie, a small town in WA. The facilities (Toilets, BBQ area, Fire pits, etc.) are pretty new and clean so ideal for people that don’t like the typical old camp ground situation where all you can find is a dirty small toilet cabinet. 🙂 The first thing on our to-do list was food when we arrived as we got there at around 6pm in the evening. Three of us had already gotten there in the morning so they made sure the fire was going and ready for our food to cook – We had everything from bread, dips, veggies to Skewers we cooked over the fire, chilli and what’s most important, DESSERT! Some of you may have already tried this and you would know why I wrote this in capital letters. We made Smores for dessert! Don’t know it? Then it’s time for you to try it because otherwise you are missing out! Smores are biscuit sandwiches that have a marshmallow and chocolate between the 2 biskuits. You then cook them in the fire and et voilà – you got a big, messy explosion of melted marshmallow and chocolate between two crispy biskuits! This is definitely nothing healthy for people on a diet! After we had our food I went to bed in my van to be ready for the next day. The lake that is right next to the camp ground makes it really nice to wake up to, not to mention all the colourful birds that sing for you! At breakfast they were not only nice to listen to but also beautiful to look at. In the morning we decided to go to Black Diamond Lake which is just about a 10 minute drive from the camp ground and let me tell you, what we found was not what we expected – it was so much better!
We have all seen photos of the lake on instagram, but everyone knows that filters on instagram can make everything look wonderful. What we found looked exactly like those beautiful Instagram pictures that we have all seen before! Black Diamond Lake is bright blue, great for photos and for a swim! We were lucky and went there on a sunny, warm day – perfect for a swim! It was nice to swim in water that isn’t salty for once and even though it was a warm, sunny day, it wasn’t too busy. After hanging out at the lake, listening to music, laughing swimming and taking looooads of pictures we started making our way up to Perth. On the way back we stopped at the Farmers Market in Bunbury which is a must go if you pass Bunbury and you’re a fan of fresh local produce! They had locally grown veggies, fruit and so many other delicious things to eat! After grabbing a smoothie and a coffee at the market we were ready to go back home to Perth.

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