Adventures in Bali

I recently went to Bali for one week to go to 4 different areas in total! This was my first time in Bali and before I left to jump into my little adventure I did some research and realised that I definitely didn’t want to go to the super busy tourist places like Seminyak for example. What I found when I actually got there was beautiful places that all had their own beautiful things to offer and another thing I found was definitely that all the places I went to also had what I tried to avoid – a lot of tourism! This didn’t stop me from having an amazing time though and all the places had their own beautiful aspects in nature, food (yes, I am a big time food lover!) and adventure. I loved every single place that we went to but Uluwatu was one of my favourite ones!   Sunset at Single Fin   Can I just say how beautiful sunsets in Bali are! Uluwatu has some great spots to go to if you would like to enjoy a good sunset and either just chill out away from other people or have a cold bintang in the meanwhile. Single Fin in Uluwatu is a bar/ restaurant right on a cliff that allows you to watch the sunset with a great view of the ocean. If you are into surfing this is also the beach to go to for awesome waves (apparently). I was fine watching them riding the waves from up the top. 🙂 When I was at Single Fin waiting for my friend (who’s into surfing) to come back I also made some really cute friends! There is street dogs all over Bali and my heart melted everytime there was one coming up to say hi! If you are an animal lover and you would like to help out, there are great volunteering programs that help the dogs that are on the streets and other animals!   Yoga at Bali Surf Villas, Uluwatu   One of the activities that you can definitely do anywhere in Bali is Yoga. Yoga studios can be found anywhere in Bali and classes are not expensive. Most places will provide a mat and a block which is great! I went to Bali Surf Villas for a yoga class which was an amazing experience! I was used to being inside a yoga studio or a gym and this was definitely so much better. The yoga class was held outdoors on a small platform surrounded by trees – I felt the connection to nature instantly with birds singing for you in the background and the smell of flowers. Definitely an experience that you don’t want to miss out on if you are into that sort of stuff! After we finished the 90-minute class we got a fresh coconut that was included in the price – Coconuts in Bali are delicious! You can drink the coconut water and scrape out the flesh with a spoon to eat it. This was such a great start of the day and I can recommend it to anyone from beginners to advanced yogis! 🙂   Padang Padang Beach   Before I get into this topic I want to say that all beaches in Bali look beautiful! But not every beach is awesome for swimming. There are a lot of reefs and rocky parts at different beaches so you definitely want to do your research beforehand if you don’t like that sort of beach and you are just looking for a great beach to go swimming and jump right in. Padang Padang is one of the beaches that is perfect for you if you are that sort of person! There is an entry fee you have to pay to get down those million steps to get to the beach (I felt like I was 10kgs lighter after we visited that beach) but like almost everything in Bali it is fairly cheap! It is a pretty small beach with beautiful clear, blue water surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Make sure to look out for those monkeys if you sit close to the bush/rocks – if you don’t have your stuff in a safe spot these cheeky monkeys might come down for a visit and steal some of your belongings.   Bingin Beach   We stayed near Uluwatu for the last 2 nights and booked an accomodation that was right on the beach! There is some exercising involved if you want to get down to that beach because you gotta walk down a million steps again but it is definitely worth it! The accomodation was pretty basic but more than enough to have a great stay and the location definitely made up for it! Just a few steps down from our room was the beach and there were quite a lot of surfers out there so I reckon it isn’t too bad for surfing down there! I went on a little adventure one morning and ended up going for a little walk – I walked through the sand, climbed over rocks and ended up in this small section of the beach that seemed quite hidden. It was so peaceful because there was literally no one else around – I don’t think you get that often in Bali. Later on I walked up towards the other end of the beach and found myself at dreamland beach!   Dreamland Beach    I walked down from Bingin Beach and the way there was a little adventurous! It involved climbing over a few rocks, walking along the beach in the sand for a while and then there is one section where the waves break against the rocks – you definitely have to be fast going over those ones and make sure you are being careful because it is wet and slippery! If you are not fast enough you might get hit by a wave so make sure you wear bathers. 🙂 Dreamland beach itself it great for swimmers because there aren’t a lot of rocks – it is a super busy beach though so if you want to avoid the big crowds I recommend going early! This beach has small shops along the beach and a restaurant/ pub. It’s a good one for those of us who like shopping and eating (or drinking).   Canguu   The beach in Canguu is different to the others – It has black sand and there are so many dogs! This fact makes it one of my favourite beaches out of the ones we went to. I know, there are a lot of dogs everywhere and I don’t know if it was just that time of the day or if there are always that many dogs – But there were sooo many dogs and they were all super cute and friendly! That morning I was planning to do some yoga on the beach and then go for a swim but I didn’t get any of that done, thanks to all the friends I made there. I ended up reading my book and playing with them instead. Because we stayed just down the road from that beach we went there more than once and I managed to swim a few times –  Don’t be put off by the black sand (the water isn’t as clear as it is at other beaches), it is great for a swim and so much fun if you are into waves! Along the beach you can find several bars and little restaurants so Canguu would be a good beach if you are into night life!   Balangan Beach   The first beach that we went to for sunset was Balangan Beach and that sunset was just breathtaking!! Balangan is one of those beaches you can go out to for a surfing session but I wouldn’t recommend it if you would like to go for a quick dip in the water. There are lots of rocks and you have to go over a lot of reefy stuff to eventually get to the deeper water – surfers do that with their boards but I haven’t seen anyone trying to get in for a swim. If you are a total beginner in surfing you can book a lesson with one of the places on that beach – I rocked up the night before on my second trip and they were super friendly! I booked a lesson for the next morning and ended up booking another one with the same instructor, it was so helpful! Other than that it is a nice beach to hang out and relax if you like reading and there are also a few places where you can grab nice and affordable lunch/ dinner. We stayed there for about half a day and I know I already said it, but the sunset was sooo nice! Check out the photos below, there is not much more I can add to that. 🙂 It is easy to get to from anywhere so I recommend checking it out!   Jimbaran Beach   My Surf instructor took me to this beach the second time we went surfing together and if I would have known about this beach I would have probably come way earlier for a swim! Jimbaran Beach is one of the rare beaches that is a sandy beach without any rocks or reefs in the water. This makes it the perfect beach to go for a swim. The waves were tiny when we went which makes it safe for families and good for swimmers. I wouldn’t say it is the best beach for surfing but I am also a beginner so who knows if I got a clue. 🙂 Like almost every beach in Bali this beach has several stalls that give out beginner surfboards and a few small food places. We stayed in Jimbaran for 2 nights and my friend already knew the hostel owners. Lupee was so welcoming and willing to help whenever we needed it! I can recomment staying there if you are looking for a cheap hostel that is clean, has lovely hosts and it is a great location.   I personally loved everything about Bali and it is a cheap getaway for those of us who are on a budget. Uluwatu was one of my favourite places, even though I also loved all the other places! We had an awesome accomodation right on the beach and I definitely recommend getting something like we had if you like the beach because you can fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean, relax on your balcony and enjoy the view or jump down for a quick surf or dip in the ocean!

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