Nusa Penida Part 2

After having an epic day 1 on Nusa Penida we couldn’t wait to jump straight into our adventure on day 2! My first night on Nusa Penida was awesome – I met heaps of other people that stayed at my hostel (I would say probably almost all of the others because Nuansa Penida Hostel is pretty small) and we were talking lots about travelling and where to go next. One of the people I met was an epic guy from L.A. and after talking for ages we decided to go onto an adventure together the next day!
Vic didn’t rent a scooter because he was still quite traumatised from the previous crash he was involved in – he wasn’t driving himself, but sat on the back of a local taxi (scooter)! I am probably not as good as him at telling the story but here we go – Vic was just out and about on Nusa Penida on the back of a local taxi and who would you trust more with driving than a local right? So he felt pretty save. Suddenly someone tried to cut him off and the roads on this island are super narrow! The driver tried his best staying on the road but ended up crashing into a gate. They tumbled over 3 times and Vic was super lucky to get away with a dislocated shoulder! It’s not like I would like a dislocated shoulder but it could’ve obviously been way worse. Long story short – When riding your scooter on Nusa Penida (or anywhere in Bali) you have to be 100% alert all the time and drive safe! Traffic conditions are very different to ours in Australia.
Now, back to topic!
Since Vic didn’t have a scooter and wouldn’t trust scooters for a while he asked if we could hire a driver with a car – at first I agreed but we quickly changed our mind after checking out prices for the car. It was way more expensive than just going on my scooter! I had never been on a scooter with a second person on the back but I didn’t tell Vic because he was scared enough to go back on after his accident. Act confident and no one will question you, right?! That quote has worked many times by the way, you should get onto that, too!
Since we had both never been on Nusa Penida we had no idea where to start our journey – luckily our hostel has a list of a few different tours! They had a list for the south, north/ east and so on. We decided to follow the recommendations for the west of Nusa Penida as we could check out the most places on that side in one day.

Broken Beach

Broken beach was on the way to Angels Billabong and our first stop on our journey. Let’s talk about the scooter ride there before we get into the scenery – We already knew that the roads were super narrow hence why we got into traffic jam before we even got out of the hostel/ hotel area. The roads are too narrow for big cars to pass each other so it took a long time to even move again. Our scooter fit through the small gaps between cars so, like the other scooters, we eventually decided to make our way through the jungle of cars.

When we finally got to broken beach the view was breath-taking! The scenery reminded me a little bit of Narnia – The water was crystal clear and turquoise (my favourite coloooour) and there was a natural bridge and hills that were covered with fresh, green grass. There were definitely a lot of tourists and we had to pay for parking like at almost every spot you check out in Bali. Going there was definitely worth it! Don’t think you will get to chill at a beach though, even through it is called Broken Beach you can’t actually go down to a beach there. So we walked around the circle route you could go on by foot and followed a footpath that took us to Angels Billabong after.

Angels Billabong

According to photos we had seen on Instagram before we imagined the spot to be a rock pool with crystal clear water coming in from the ocean – we even hoped for a swim but when we got there it wasn’t at all what we expected. The water wasn’t clear but brown-greenish and quite dirty. There was barely any water in it and no one was going for a swim in the pool that looked more like a puddle between rocks. After analyzing the situation we had found we decided that we must have gotten there at the wrong time – all the tourists that post on instagram must have gotten their nice pictures somehow right?!
I think we got there at low tide which is why there wasn’t a lot of water getting into the pool.

Good luck checking it out, I hope you’re luckier than we were!

Kelingking Beach

This was one of my highlights that day! Before we got there we got told that the Cliff in the water is called T-Rex Cliff and we thought it looked more like a Hippo when we got there (who knows how we got that haha).

However, when we looked at our photos afterwards we kind of got it – for all the people that didn’t get it either, it is the head of a T-Rex!

The scenery is absolutely beautiful and you can even track down to the beach! I would recommend wearing proper shoes for this trip as there is quite a lot of walking and climbing involved – After we had taken all our photos from the top (see below) we started walking downstairs which takes quite a while! It is worth the climb as the beach is absolutely stunning! I keep saying this buuuut the water was krystal clear and so, so beautiful and at this beach you can even jump in for a swim.
Put this stop on your list if you are planning a trip to Nusa Penida!

Seganing Waterfall

The Waterfall was our last stop and we barely made it before sunset! When we got there we had about 40 minutes before the sun would go down and I definitely recommend getting there earlier than that as the hike down and back up takes a while! To get to the waterfall we had to climb down steep stairs that were part of the side of a cliff – the only thing that made us feel a bit safer was the wobbly railing on the side that was broken off at some parts of the way. This is for all the adventurers out there and definitely nothing for people that are scared of heights (like me!).
The view we had along the way was breath taking! The cliffs, the ocean and if you dare to look down over the railing you could see the rock pools that surround the small waterfall at the bottom.

We climbed down for about 20 minutes before we decided to turn around to make our way back up – we didn’t make it all the way because it was getting dark and the way would have definitely been too dangerous to make it in the dark. Hot tip for you guys – get there earlier than 5:30pm!
We assume that the small waterfalls and rock pools we saw was the attraction though and I think it would definitely be worth checking out.

I hope I gave you a bit of an insight of Nusa Penida and you started making plans for your trip! I can’t wait to get back there, I get all excited just thinking about Nusa Penida haha. This was definitely my highlight of the whole 3 week-trip!

Anni xoxo

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