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After working 7 days a week for a while I couldn’t wait to get out of my everyday routine and out of Perth! A friend asked not too long ago if I would like to join them to go down south for the long weekend and I didn’t have to think twice about going away – So when it finally got to the weekend I packed my stuff and started driving as fast as I could (or as speed limits in Australia allowed me to).
I was lucky enough to be able to borrow my bosses car which is a Hyundai Trajet (7 seater). We took all the seats out a while ago so it easily fit a queen size mattress, my surfboard and everything else I needed.
Since it was a long weekend we expected it to get busy and booked a campsite beforehand – I definitely recommend doing that for public holidays as it tends to get super busy down south. It took me about 3 hrs to drive down to Prevelly where we booked an unpowered campsite at Prevelly Caravan ParkΒ  .

Even though there are probably cheaper campsites around I can really recommend this one – it is not too big, doesn’t get too crowded, the facilities (kitchen and bathrooms) are very clean and the lady at the reception was super friendly!

Margaret River Mouth Beach and Surfers Point

Since I drove down after work on Saturday I didn’t actually do that much anymore – I met my friends at the campsite before we decided to watch the sunset at Surfers Point. I knew this spot from my last trip down south and it is really not some hidden jam – When we went to watch the sunset there were lots of families, couples and travellers enjoying their beer/ wine while watching the beautiful scenery. We didn’t actually get to see much of the sun going down because it was so overcast. Nonetheless it was still great vibes and the ocean is always beautiful to watch!

If you go further down past Surfers Point you get to River Mouth which is the actual beach – The name makes it pretty obvious but when you get down there you don’t just see the ocean but also the river! πŸ™‚ It makes it a really nice beach as you have options for swimming. The waves can get really big and the tide very strong at River Mouth Beach so if you don’t feel comfortable going in for a swim you can just swim in the river! That night was pretty hectic but I went in for a quick dip anyway and just stayed close to shore. It was a mission to get back out and I definitely got smashed on the way but it was so worth it! Nothing can beat the feeling a good ocean dip gives you.

Conto Spring and Gas Bay

After going to bed pretty early on Saturday we managed toΒ  get up early on Sunday to explore all the beautiful spots around us – The first stop ended up being Conto Spring. Conto Spring is a beautiful beach for walks, a swim and also a surf on a good day!
We had to go down a non-sealed road to get to the beach which is definitely doable with any sort of car. Once we jumped out of the car we walked down the trail that lead us to the beach. When you get down there you have the option of going left to adventure off over the massive rocks (with all their cute little residents) you find on the beach or you can just go to the right which leads you to the sand beach.
We relaxed on the beach for a while, went for a swim and watched the surfers that were out on that day. I definitely recommend checking that one out if you are a mermaid like me or a surfer! I would say the conditions were pretty good for beginners but also fun for more experienced surfers.

We drove around a little longer after that to see if we wanted to check out anything else in the area – There are a lot of things to see and you can easily find things to do along the way without planning much ahead! There are caves you can check out (I have done it and I can recommend it!), heaps of beaches and also lots of hiking and bike trails to conquer.
I ended up waiting for a friend to arrive to go out to Gas Bay with her which was awesome! We took my van, opened the back to hang out and read a book before cooking dinner while watching the sunset.

I personally haven’t tried to go out and surf at Gas Bay but it got recommended by sevaral people for beginners and experiences surfers! That evening we saw a few people going out on their boards.

Margaret River Town Centre and Castle Rock Bay

Before my friends had to leave to make their way up to Perth we decided to go for a stroll along the main strip in Margaret River Town Centre – it definitely doesn’t take long to go all the way from the start to the end of the Main Road. Margaret River has lots of cute little shops you can easily get lost in – we stopped at a few of those and looked for a nice cafe we could stop at for a juice. There are lots of options for cafes and restaurants and there is definitely something for everyone! My favourite to stop at for coffee is Sidekick Cafe – check it out if you are after good coffee. πŸ™‚
After my friends left I started looking for a place to hang out for the rest of the day and potentially stay the night (I hadn’t booked a camp spot for my last night). I drove up to Dwelingup to take a look at some places along Eagle Bay and Meelup Regional Park – there are so many lookouts and little beaches along the way, it is absolutely beautiful!

I ended up staying at Castle Rock Bay to take photos, have dinner and just chill out. This is also where I stayed the night which was awesome! I probably shouldn’t recommend it as you are technically not allowed to camp on parking spots along the beach down there but I am also not going to lie – waking up right next to the ocean was amazing and falling asleep to the sound of the waves was one of my highlights of the weekend trip. Just be aware that you would risk getting a fine if you end up doing what I did. I just parked up the van at night and got up really early in the morning to watch the sunrise, have breakfast and then I kept going – I was lucky. πŸ™‚

Yallingup Reef and Smiths Beach

As Tuesday was my last morning down south I decided to go for another surf at Smiths Beach because it was supposed to be amazing there – I am definitely not a pro surfer but let me tell you – that morning was amazing! I watched the ocean for a little bit, saw dolphins, checked out the waves and other surfers that were already out there. After a while I was convinced I could go out and so I did. The waves were bigger than what I am used to but really nice and good to practice! And the best thing of it all was the fact that the dolphins returned when I was already in the water on my board!!
I was just sitting on my board when about 4 dolphins swam right past me and it was the best feeling ever. Who knows, you might get lucky too!
Smiths Beach is also awesome for swimmers and not just surfers, so definitely check it out.

Before I made my way up to Perth I stopped at Yallingup Reef for some photos and the waves were massive on Tuesday! To get out for a surf you have to walk over and past the reef to where the waves break – this is nothing for beginners and I would only recommend going if you are an experienced surfer! It can get a bit hectic with those big waves out there.
There were about 4 surfers out that morning and they looked fantastic! πŸ™‚

I hope I gave you some inspiration for your next trip, I personally can’t wait to go again!Β  πŸ™‚

Anni xo

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