The South West of WA, Part 1

Thursday 18th April, 2019 – After working on my van for the past couple of weeks it was time to take it on the first proper adventure – I had taken it down south before and just chucked an air mattress in but having a proper bed in it with flooring and all that stuff makes it so much more homey.
So after finishing the van I couldn’t wait to finally hit the road! I packed the car and left thursday night to arrive in Busselton just after 10pm. For me Busselton has always been a stop over whenever I leave Perth at night so I don’t have to drive for too long after dark.
I know you are probably not supposed to do that, but it is super easy to stay in the carpark near the foreshore if you just need a place to stay for the night (especially in a car) – just get up early and no one will bother you. 🙂
Busselton has a beautiful foreshore which makes it great for early morning walks. So after doing that and grabbing my morning coffee I made my way down to Yallingup for a surf the next morning.

Saturday I went surfing over the reef in Yallingup and it was actually pretty good! It was my first time over a reef in WA and I recommend this to any beginner/ intermediate surfer who is still sort of practising. When the swell is big this is a perfect spot if you are looking for smaller waves. They are small but big enough to have fun on your board – The big waves break in front of the reef further out and create smaller waves within the reef (it is almost like a pool). To learn more about the Margaret River/ Yallingup area head over to my post about my last weekend trip! The next stop was a place I had been wanting to see for ages! The last time I had gone past Margaret River was about 2 years ago.

Hamelin Bay

I went to Hamelin Bay early in the morning because I knew it would get busy closer to the afternoon. I recommend going early because it paid off! There were a lot of people fishing but once you get past them you got the beach almost to yourself. I remember from 2 years ago that the beach was full of people in the afternoon.

I walked along the water to look for the beautiful giants that live in the water at Hamelin Bay – it didn’t take me long to spot all the stingrays! There were smaller ones but also really big ones and let me tell you – they are definitely not shy! I didn’t have to go far in to be up close to them because as soon as I put my feet into the water they actually came up to say hello. Being able to be right amongst them gave me the feeling of being connected to the ocean and nature so much more than anything else has on this trip. It is an absolutely amazing experience and I can recommend it to anyone going down south.

Hamelin Bay

After spending my morning here I decided to go further down towards Augusta and ended up going just past the town centre of Augusta.

Flinders Bay and Cape Leeuwin

This turned out to be such an action packed morning! After hanging out with stingrays at Hamelin Bay I made my way up to Cape Leeuwin to check out the Lighthouse. Once I got there I decided that it was way too overpriced to go up close – just to do the walking trail around the Lighthouse you already had to pay an entrance fee. The walking trail was just in a fenced off area around the lighthouse. I decided to go a little further to another car park to go for a bit of a walk. The lighthouse is right on the coastline which is a beautiful scenery with gigantic rock formations going into the ocean. This is such a beautiful and fascinating spot and I could have wandered around here all day! On my walk I could even get super close to the lighthouse which definitely makes the scenery even more special. If you are really interested in the lighthouse you could pay a fee to do a tour which would take you up the lighthouse – I am sure the view from up there must be absolutely amazing!

Scenic walk next to the old water wheel Cape Leeuwin

It was just about lunchtime when I left Cape Leeuwin and before heading towards Denmark I decided to hang out around the area for a little bit. I followed the sign towards Flinders Bay which is just outside of Augusta towards Cape Leeuwin and what I found was so beautiful! I can’t believe I hadn’t been there the last time I came down.

Flinders bay is a beautiful place to relax, have a swim or take your paddle board out. It is super family friendly with a big playground, a coffee van, bathrooms and the calm ocean which is safe for children.
This place was sooo peaceful and I would definitely come back next time I go down south.

Flinders Bay, WA

These places were only the start of my journey and i can’t wait to share all the other beautiful places I explored with everyone! Next time you go down, don’t forget to stop by and visit those places yourself. 🙂

Anni xoxo

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