The South West of WA, Part 2

After a few beautiful days around Margaret River and Augusta I decided to move on to Denmark – I had been there a couple of years ago and could not wait to get there with a proper camera this time! Denmark has heaps of beautiful spots to offer! If you are a surfer, swimmer or you would like to go for a hike – you will find a place to do that.
I got to Denmark quite late at night and decided to actually book a spot in a caravan park for a night – a warm shower was much needed after almost a week of cold outside showers by the beach. ๐Ÿ™‚ The park I went to is called Denmark Rivermouth Caravan Park and I can highly recommend it! All the facilities were clean and there is a kitchen with basic utensils to use (kettle, stove, BBQ, etc.).
You can probably tell by the name of it, but the caravan park is also right next to the river which makes it a beautiful location.

Ocean Beach and Parry Beach in Denmark

The night I got to Denmark I decided to contact some friends that were in Albany when I was down there – we decided to go for a surf and after doing some research I found out that Ocean Beach as well as Parry Beach can be good beaches for beginner surfing. I have been surfing for a few months now and am definitely still a beginner! After a quick drive to Ocean Beach (which is super close to the Caravan Park I stayed at) I decided to go to Parry Beach as that was where my friends went. The drive up to Ocean Beach was beautiful! I drove along the river and stopped at a lookout that allowed to see the river to your left and the beach to your right. This is definitely a beautiful spot to even just hang out for a day – relax on the beach and if you feel like it you can walk over to the river and go for a walk along there.
Parry Beach was another 30 minutes from Ocean Beach. When I met my friends at the beach I jumped into their car because they drive a 4WD. We drove onto the beach and I’m glad we did because the spot we ended up surfing was quite a bit away from the car park! We were in the water for 3 hours and that surf was hard work – the waves were a bit fat and paddling is definitely not one of my strengths yet. Let me tell you, my arms were jelly after that surf session!!
Nonetheless Parry beach is a beautiful beach andย  save for beginners as well as advanced surfers. We enjoyed a warm coffee on the beach before we drove off to start the next adventure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool

After our surf I decided to drive up to Greens Pool – a beautiful scenery with crystal clear water and giant rocks that go into the ocean. This is a busy tourist attraction but definitely worth going to! I started my walk from the bottom car park along Greens Pool – The water was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a swim or snorkel! I took a few minutes to take in that fresh ocean breeze before walking up to Elephant Rocks. After about a 10-minute walk I arrived at a small corridor made of 2 giant rocks. I got told to take my shoes off before I try entering because it was high tide. So I did and if you decide to explore this wonderful place I recommend you do the same! I couldn’t see any water coming through the corridor and just as I made my way through to the other side a wave filled it with water about knee-high. The small beach at Elephant Rocks was so much quieter than Greens Pool! I had the beach all to myself for a while and I loooooved this place! Just as Greens Pool this would be perfect for a swim on a warm day or a snorkel.

After my little adventure I drove all the way to Albany to hang out with my friends for the night. Albany is a small city at the southern tip of WA andย  has beautiful quiet beaches, coastal walks and a few national parks around.
To find out all about my trip to the nearby Stirling Range National Park, stay tuned for my next blogpost. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope I could give you a bit of an impression of Denmark and some inspiration for your next trip!

Anni xoxo

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